Bootstrap 4 and WordPress

As already mentioned in my previous post about Bootstrap 4; i have built a WordPress Starter Theme with Bootstrap 4. If you like both Bootstrap and WordPress you should really try it! People claim that Bootstrap and WordPress don’t always match, some opinions about that can be found at When to Use Bootstrap for Your
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Bootstrap 4 meets WordPress

Bootstrap 4 is coming soon! I build a WordPress theme for Bootstrap 4 (alpha release) inspired on the JOINTSWP starters theme. Bootstrap 4 comes with many improvements and new features. Bootstrap 4 is compiled with Sass instead of Less now. You can download the JBST 4 theme at: Now you can use Gulp and
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A11Y Buttons

The JBST WordPress Theme meets’s Accessibility Guidelines. I think accessibility support is important. Recently i got a e-mail from Nick, Co-founder of HKC radio. Nick told me JBST default navbar buttons don’t have a label or title. The login button has a title when logged in, but when not logged in the button only
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Brand Your New WordPress Website in 10 Minutes

If you need a WordPress Website quick (or you are lazy) and you already have a house style or at least a logo, than this tutorial is all you need to brand your WordPress website. If you don’t have a logo yet, you can order one at Jamedo Logo or simply use a picture that
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WordPress theming, the comment_form() call, and the power of Less

When preparing the upload of the next version of JBST to I found the usage of comment_form(). The documentation of comment_form() can be found at Function Reference/comment form. The documentation of comment_form() doesn’t explain why you should have to use this comment_form() call instead of code your comment form’s HTML directly into your comments.php
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Adding a background gradient to Bootstrap’s navbar with Less

When writing a book about Less and have to answer a question about adding a background gradient to JBST’s navbar the answer was found easy. Bootstrap’s navbar is styled with two CSS classes the .navbar class sets it’s structure while the .navbar-default or .navbar-inverse classes add colors and other styling. Bootstrap’s mixins contain also mixin
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WordPress and PageSpeed Insights

Today i tested my WordPress Theme on Google’s PageSpeed Insights. The result was a little disapointing. The Desktop version scored above 90 out of 100, but the mobile version scored around 80. Based on Google’s suggestions i searched for some solutions. Eliminate render-blocking JavaScript and CSS in above-the-fold content Due to my own plugin Wp
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Integrate LESS in JBST WordPress Theme

The WP LESS plugin offers a good opportunity to integrate LESS in your WordPress theme. How does this fit JBST? First i try to set the requirements. JBST is based on Twitter’s Bootstrap, so we will have the option to update Twitter’s Bootstrap without changing any custom setting or extensions. JBST WordPress Theme can be
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