Bootstrap 4’s responsive navbars

Bootstrap 4 is in development. The alpha 3 stage had been reached yet. The new navbar is a simple wrapper for positioning branding, navigation, and other elements into a concise navigation header. Many people has started testing Bootstrap 4 already. Before you start you should know that i did NOT switch from Less to Sass,
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Preserve settings and customizations when updating Bootstrap

Recently i launched the Bootstrap CLI tool. This tool installs Bootstrap 4 and an example template to start your project. The templates for the Bootstrap CLI tool install Bootstrap 4 with bower, which means that you can update Bootstrap by simply running bower update. Updating Bootstrap shouldn’t destroy your changes. All of Bootstrap’s Sass variable
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Bootstrap 4 and WordPress

As already mentioned in my previous post about Bootstrap 4; i have built a WordPress Starter Theme with Bootstrap 4. If you like both Bootstrap and WordPress you should really try it! People claim that Bootstrap and WordPress don’t always match, some opinions about that can be found at When to Use Bootstrap for Your
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Bootstrap 4 meets WordPress

Bootstrap 4 is coming soon! I build a WordPress theme for Bootstrap 4 (alpha release) inspired on the JOINTSWP starters theme. Bootstrap 4 comes with many improvements and new features. Bootstrap 4 is compiled with Sass instead of Less now. You can download the JBST 4 theme at: Now you can use Gulp and
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How to install a Start Bootstrap theme on Ruby on Rails 4 using Sass?

I want to install a theme called Grayscale of Start Bootstrap and I don’t know how to do it. user2993674 on Stackoverflow Install a new Ruby on Rails by running >> rails new grayscale. Navigate to your project folder >> cd grayscale then run the following commands: Sass / SCSS >> git clone >>
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How to change Bootstrap’s carousel animation

The popular carousel plugin of Bootstrap has been used on many websites. The jQuery plugin itself uses CSS class from the Less code of Bootstrap. So you can not change the classes names use for the carousel structure (without changing the plugin too). In most situations you will not change the original source code of
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Compile Bootstrap with Less v2 and the autoprefix plugin

Since Bootstrap v3.2 the grunt autoprefixer plugin is part of Bootstrap’s build process. This autoprefixer postprocessor makes the prefix mixins (found in less/mixins/vendor-prefixes.less) deprecated. Less 2 introduced plugins for the Less compiler, see also These plugins enables you to add your own postprocessors. Postprocessors change the compiled CSS code. An example can be found
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Be prepared for Bootstrap v4

The upgrade from Twitter’s Bootstrap 2 to Bootstrap 3 was not painless. The current 3.2.0. release will give you some insights for the coming v4 release of Bootstrap. The 3.2.0. already adds some new things such as the responsive utility classes now have variants for diferents CSS display property values. The most important change till
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Bootstrap 3.2.0 and Shrinkwrap

When running npm install with the latest 3.2.0. release of Bootstrap I found the following error: Loading “Gruntfile.js” tasks…ERROR >> AssertionError: args.type is required Warning: Task “dist” not found. Use –force to continue. This issue can be solved by running the grunt update-shrinkwrap task just after npm install. With version 3.2.0. Booststrap switch to the
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A11Y Buttons

The JBST WordPress Theme meets’s Accessibility Guidelines. I think accessibility support is important. Recently i got a e-mail from Nick, Co-founder of HKC radio. Nick told me JBST default navbar buttons don’t have a label or title. The login button has a title when logged in, but when not logged in the button only
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