Bootstrap 4 meets WordPress

Bootstrap 4 is coming soon! I build a WordPress theme for Bootstrap 4 (alpha release) inspired on the JOINTSWP starters theme. Bootstrap 4 comes with many improvements and new features. Bootstrap 4 is compiled with Sass instead of Less now.

You can download the JBST 4 theme at:

Now you can use Gulp and Sass to build your own custom version:

Install node.js.
Install bower.
Using the command line, navigate to your theme directory
Run npm install
Run gulp to confirm everything is working

Updating Bootstrap for your theme is simple as running bower update in your theme directory now.

Read more about Bootstrap 4 at The Official Bootstrap Blog or read the v4 alpha docs!

Don’t like Sass? Download a CSS only version of the JBST 4 theme at CSS only version

Bootstrap 4 ships with optional flexbox-based grid system and components, download a CSS only with flexbox support of the theme at CSS only version with flexbox support. To compile your own version of the theme with flexbox support you should edit the assets/scss/_variables.scss file and set $enable-flexbox: true;. Run gulp after your changes.Bootstrap 4, JBST 4 preview

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