Eindelijk naar NOM!

Goed nieuws voor ons, na een lange zoektocht gaan we in 2017 eindelijk beginnen aan de NOM renovatie van ons “Droompaleis”. Waarom ik dat wil? In de eerste plaats omdat het kan. Op de langere termijn hoeft het niet (te) veel te kosten, een deel van de renovatie en opwekcapaciteit kan immers betaald worden uit
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Wat voor een energieproducent word jij?

Recent onderzoek van CE Delft geeft aan dat consumenten in de toekomst een groot deel van hun energieverbruik zelf kunnen opwekken. De potentie is zelfs enorm. Dat is goed nieuws want daarmee kunnen wij zelf een actieve rol spelen in de energietransitie van fossiel naar renewable. Hoe gaan we dat vervolgens doen? Iedereen met een
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The role of the citizens in the energy transition

Citizens can support and fasten the energy transition. To show how this work let’s take ‘s-Hertogenbosch as an example. ‘s-Hertogenbosch is a city and municipality, and also the capital of the dutch province Noord Brabant. The historical city is the center of the municipality which contains also other neighborhoods and some villages. ‘s-Hertogenbosch got city
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Google Customer Reviews and Woocommerce

Google Customer Reviews are available for selected countries now, including The Netherlands and Belgium. At the moment i’m not sure if this service should replace or extend other review services like Trustpilot and The Feedback Company. To use the Google Customer Review service a is Google Merchant account is required. To use this service you’ll
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Bootstrap 4’s responsive navbars

Bootstrap 4 is in development. The alpha 3 stage had been reached yet. The new navbar is a simple wrapper for positioning branding, navigation, and other elements into a concise navigation header. Many people has started testing Bootstrap 4 already. Before you start you should know that i did NOT switch from Less to Sass,
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How to set up Panini for different environments

Panini is a super simple flat file generator for use with Gulp. It compiles a series of HTML pages using a common layout. These pages can also include HTML partials, external Handlebars helpers, or external data as JSON or YAML. Consider the case you code a Gulp build process with different environments for development and
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NO, i did NOT switch from Less to Sass!

ince i announced my new Book a while ago, many people already asked me if i did switch from Less to Sass. My new book is called “Sass and Compass Designer’s Cookbook” and before i wrote some books about Less. I’m not going to tell you which pre-processor for CSS code you should use. Many
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Preserve settings and customizations when updating Bootstrap

Recently i launched the Bootstrap CLI tool. This tool installs Bootstrap 4 and an example template to start your project. The templates for the Bootstrap CLI tool install Bootstrap 4 with bower, which means that you can update Bootstrap by simply running bower update. Updating Bootstrap shouldn’t destroy your changes. All of Bootstrap’s Sass variable
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Bootstrap 4 and WordPress

As already mentioned in my previous post about Bootstrap 4; i have built a WordPress Starter Theme with Bootstrap 4. If you like both Bootstrap and WordPress you should really try it! People claim that Bootstrap and WordPress don’t always match, some opinions about that can be found at When to Use Bootstrap for Your
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Bootstrap 4 meets WordPress

Bootstrap 4 is coming soon! I build a WordPress theme for Bootstrap 4 (alpha release) inspired on the JOINTSWP starters theme. Bootstrap 4 comes with many improvements and new features. Bootstrap 4 is compiled with Sass instead of Less now. You can download the JBST 4 theme at: https://github.com/bassjobsen/jbst-4-sass/archive/master.zip. Now you can use Gulp and
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