Why does Bootstrap have nav and nav-stacked as different classes?

The “Why does Bootstrap have nav and nav-stacked as different classes?” was original posted on stackoverflow. You could ask the same for the .btn and .btn-* classes or the .navbar classes and many other classes in Bootstrap’s Less code. In short: CSS size (there’re hundreds of such specific-class/base-class tiers so if each .btn-sm would inherit
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Less for the Ionic framework

This week I started to build a Less version for the Ionic framework. The Ionic framework, or shortly Ionic is a beautiful, open source front-end SDK for developing hybrid mobile apps with HTML5. Why should you need a Less version when there’s already a SASS version? Well, I know that Less vs SASS had been
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FireLess and Less v2

In my Less Web Development Essentials book which can be found at https://www.packtpub.com/web-development/less-web-development-essentials i refer to FireLess for client side compiling and debugging Less code. When compiling your Less code in browser you can not use CSS sourcemaps to map the compiled code to its origin. There’s no technical barrier to get inline source maps
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Packt’s $5 eBonanza returns

My first book “Less Web Development Essentials” was published by Packt Publishing and also my coming book “Less Web Development Cookbook” will be publish be Packt Publishing. It’s a real pleasure to work with Packt Publishing. They will give all the support I need to write my books. I also love that Packt supports open
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How to change Bootstrap’s carousel animation

The popular carousel plugin of Bootstrap has been used on many websites. The jQuery plugin itself uses CSS class from the Less code of Bootstrap. So you can not change the classes names use for the carousel structure (without changing the plugin too). In most situations you will not change the original source code of
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Compile Bootstrap with Less v2 and the autoprefix plugin

Since Bootstrap v3.2 the grunt autoprefixer plugin is part of Bootstrap’s build process. This autoprefixer postprocessor makes the prefix mixins (found in less/mixins/vendor-prefixes.less) deprecated. Less 2 introduced plugins for the Less compiler, see also http://lesscss.org/usage/#plugins. These plugins enables you to add your own postprocessors. Postprocessors change the compiled CSS code. An example can be found
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Be prepared for Bootstrap v4

The upgrade from Twitter’s Bootstrap 2 to Bootstrap 3 was not painless. The current 3.2.0. release will give you some insights for the coming v4 release of Bootstrap. The 3.2.0. already adds some new things such as the responsive utility classes now have variants for diferents CSS display property values. The most important change till
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Bootstrap 3.2.0 and Shrinkwrap

When running npm install with the latest 3.2.0. release of Bootstrap I found the following error: Loading “Gruntfile.js” tasks…ERROR >> AssertionError: args.type is required Warning: Task “dist” not found. Use –force to continue. This issue can be solved by running the grunt update-shrinkwrap task just after npm install. With version 3.2.0. Booststrap switch to the
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WordPress: How to reverse the comment order with paged comments

In the settings panel of the WordPress Dashboard you will find the Discussion Settings. These settings enable you to create paged comments. You can set the top level comments per page, if you want to show the first or last page by default and if the oldest or newest comments should be shown on the
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A11Y Buttons

The JBST WordPress Theme meets WordPress.org’s Accessibility Guidelines. I think accessibility support is important. Recently i got a e-mail from Nick, Co-founder of HKC radio. Nick told me JBST default navbar buttons don’t have a label or title. The login button has a title when logged in, but when not logged in the button only
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